Healthy Cooking: Getting Rid of Bad Cholesterol in 3 Ways

Lowering cholesterol levels in the body requires discipline and determination in changing one’s eating lifestyle. Cholesterol levels are increased when one eats fried foods, processed meats, chocolates, soft drinks and foods rich in sugar in large amount.

1. Get Rid of Bad Lifestyle Habits

People who have bad lifestyle habits are the common victims of excessive high cholesterol levels. The usual bad vices that one should get rid of are smoking and drinking, not only to people who suffer from high cholesterol levels but to everyone who wants to maintain their healthy body.

2. Cooking Meals with Less Cholesterol Content

* Check the labels at the side of the box of cereals and microwavable pre-packed foods to make sure that they don’t have high caloric and fat content.

* The initial step to lower blood cholesterol is being aware of the foods you take.

*Fast food chains and restaurants offer huge meals that contain high cholesterol so avoid eating out a lot.

3. Learn How to Read Food Labels

Food labels are made up of two portions: the upper portion taps about the elements that one should limit like cholesterol, carbohydrates, sodium, protein and fat. The lower portion indicates the elements that one needs like iron, vitamins and many more.

Most food labels can be quite misleading at times and you may think that you’re eating a healthy food but then it still has fat, cholesterol and caloric content in lower levels. The list below that came from the Food and Drugs Authority is some of the examples that we can find in the packaging of the food we eat:

• Calorie-free

This doesn’t mean that the food doesn’t contain calories: the caloric content is just reduced at lower levels compared to other brands.

• Low-sodium

The product per serving has less than 140 mg of salt.

• Low-calorie

The product per serving contains less than 40 calories.

• Low-cholesterol

The product has only 2 grams of fat and contains less than 20 mg of cholesterol per serving.